Our Quality Control Process on Digitally Printed Cylindrical Vessels

Discover unparalleled quality with Bottled Goose, your trusted partner for premium printed products. With years of expertise, we've perfected a rigorous quality control process, constantly evolving to exceed expectations. Our cutting-edge printing equipment guarantees consistently superior prints. Explore the convenience of our print-on-demand service, seamlessly integrating your store with our platform. Select from our distinctive product range to showcase your designs effortlessly. Say goodbye to stock management hassles; we handle it for you, ensuring swift order dispatch directly to your customers.


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To ensure high quality prints across all our jobs, we employ a rigorous quality control process.

Print on Demand UK Printed Water Bottles


Vessel checking

Firstly, our production team check each vessel coming out of storage for any quality issues such as dents or scratches. If everything is A-OK, we move onto the next stage. We do products such as printed candles, printed glassware, and printed water bottles.

Print on Demand Printed Water Bottle

Artwork creation

Our print on demand platform automatically checks the artwork of your products - the artwork is checked for resolution, any explicit images and a few other things. If there are any issues when printing, our team will check if the layers are all done correctly, but if the artwork guide is followed, this shouldn't be necessary.

Print on Demand UK Printed Candle

Production checks

After the first print comes off the machine, a member of our production staff will check the print for any issues such as colour mismatch. If any issues are present, the print will go back to the artwork stage and issues will be worked out and corrected accordingly. If no mistakes are present, and the print is satisfactory, the job can go ahead.

Print on Demand UK Printed Pint Glass


Dispatch further sign quality approval and ensure finished product matches order via printing of a packing note before packing and dispatch. Finally, the print is checked by fulfilment staff and is packed to ensure your product reaches you safe and sound. Our packaging is eco-friendly - all orders are sent out in kraft paper packaging.

Print on Demand UK Eco-Friendly Packaging

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