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At Bottled Goose, we pride ourselves on delivering quality printed products. Through the years we've built a robust quality control process and we’re continuously working on improving it. Our state-of-the-art printing equipment ensures the highest quality print, time and time again. Our print-on-demand service allows you to connect your store to our platform, meaning you can choose from our unique range of products to place your designs on. We hold the stock so you don’t have to and dispatch your order directly to your customers.

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Discover unparalleled uniqueness when you connect with our Print on Demand service. At Bottled Goose, we take pride in offering a distinctive product range not found elsewhere in the UK. Elevate your catalogue with innovative and exciting products that stand out in the market. 

Print on Demand UK Product Range

1. Thermos Water Bottles: Sip in Style

Join the trend of eco-conscious consumers with our reusable thermos water bottles. Uniquely crafted, our cylindrical vessels allow for 360-degree designs, meeting all your customisation needs. Stay ahead in the market by offering a stylish and sustainable option that resonates with your customers - we are one of the leading print on demand UK companies.

Print on Demand UK Printed Water Bottle

2. Customisable Thermos Flasks: Hot or Cold, Your Way

Introducing our customisable thermos flasks - a must-have addition to your inventory. Keep beverages at the perfect temperature for hours with screw-on, flip-open lids for easy sipping. Provide your customers with a practical yet personalised option that sets your store apart.

Print on Demand UK Printed Thermos Flask

3. Can Glass: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

For iced coffee or beer enthusiasts, our can glass is the ideal vessel. With a 360-degree wrap-around design capability, this product seamlessly integrates with your brand's aesthetic. Elevate your offerings by providing a trendy and versatile choice for your customers. 

Print on Demand UK Printed Can Glass

4. Customisable Pint Glass: Raise the Bar

Add a personal touch to your customers' pints with our customisable pint glass. A thoughtful and unique gift option, perfect for special occasions. Enhance your product catalogue with this stylish and customisable glassware option.

Print on Demand UK Printed Pint Glass

5. Filled Candles: Illuminate Moments

Create an inviting atmosphere with our 200g filled candles, available in two delightful scents. The extended burn time of 40 hours makes these candles a lasting and thoughtful gift for anyone. Enhance your store's ambiance and cater to a broader audience with this versatile addition.

Print on Demand UK Printed Candle

Elevate your print-on-demand experience with Bottled Goose, a premier service specialising in cylindrical printing. Explore our exclusive product range, designed to seamlessly enhance your store offerings. Unlock a myriad of key features:


  • Consistent high-quality prints on every order.
  • Vivid full-colour CMYK printing for stunning results.
  • Directly connect your store to our print-on-demand service—skip third-party hassles.
  • Enjoy exceptional customer service from our dedicated team, ready to address your inquiries.


Revolutionise your printing game — sign up for our top-notch print-on-demand service today!

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