Why Add Drinksware To Your Product Catalogue?

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Often, branded drinksware is seen as something that would be nice to have or a project that you plan to get around to one day, but often other things within your business take priority. However, adding a selection of branded drinksware to your product range has significant benefits that can help you achieve other business goals. This includes boosting profitability, increasing your market share, improving consumer awareness, and accurately positioning your brand. With this in mind, this post details why your company should add branded drinksware to its product offering.

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Additional Revenue Stream

The first reason for adding drinksware to your product mix is the additional revenue it will generate. Your loyal customers are eager to purchase more products from your company and would be receptive to a range of branded drinksware. In some cases, your brand represents part of their identity and they’d be proud to buy any gear you produce. Best of all, branded drinksware has high-profit margins, which means your efforts in creating your own range are worth your company’s time and attention.

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Brand Awareness

Another excellent reason to launch a drinksware range is to increase brand awareness. Branded drinksware turns your customers into walking advertisements; you’ll have an army of ambassadors promoting your brand in public. Plus, the higher the quality and the more utility it offers, the more the customer will use it. Drinksware can be so effective at boosting brand awareness because it’s a great conversation starter. It’s an effective way to ask someone more questions about themselves, get some insight into what they’ve been up to recently, or give a compliment. Better yet, branded drinksware can encourage conversations that lead to referrals.

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Brand Value

Branded drinksware helps strengthen your brand, and increases its value, in several ways. Firstly, it used to be that only large companies could afford to produce high-quality branded merchandise, but technology has put custom drinksware within reach of organisations of all sizes. But because of the association with successful companies, branded drinksware conveys an image of prosperity: that your company is at a certain “level”. Plus, the more people see your branded drinksware, the more it improves the perception of your company. Secondly, a branded drinksware range sets you apart from competitors that don’t have one. It can cause potential customers to conclude that you have enough customers to warrant a drinksware collection – while your competitors, on the other hand, don’t. This could lead them to further assume you’re a superior choice for the product or service they’re looking for  – and opt to go with you over the competition. Thirdly, if you’re creative with how you design your bottles and glasses, as well as the packaging it’s presented in, you can use your range as another way to express your brands’ uniqueness. A drinksware range gives you another avenue to demonstrate to your target audience what makes you different. This is especially important if part of the image you want to project is that of a creative company.

When you add up all of the above, branded drinksware is a cost-effective and simple way to increase the value of your brand as an asset.

Brand Loyalty

If one of your goals as a company is to develop consumer loyalty to your brand, custom bottles and glasses is a potent strategy for accomplishing it.

Your brand isn’t just your company’s logo, colour scheme, and slogan – it’s the emotional connection that your target audience has with your products or services. Branded drinksware allows your customers to take you with them where they go. This creates true, loyal fans of your brand – as opposed to just customers. By carrying your bottle every day, your customers constantly engage with your brand which, even subconsciously, reinforces the positive associations they have with your company.

Branded packaging offers another opportunity for increasing brand loyalty. Through custom packaging, you can create a memorable unboxing experience. On top of that, you can use packaging inserts to promote your primary products or services, making them an effective marketing tool too.

Add drinksware to your product range.


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