Streamlining Your Design Process: A Guide to Working with Artboards

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When it comes to enhancing your online store with visually appealing products, the use of artboards is essential. This guide outlines the steps to seamlessly integrate a chosen product into your store, providing a downloadable artboard to facilitate the process.

Downloading the Artboard:

Once you've identified the product you wish to add to your store, click to download the corresponding artboard.

UK Print on Demand Artboard UV Printing

Choosing the Right Design Software:

Open the downloaded artboard in your preferred design software. For optimal results, Bottled Goose recommends using industry-standard tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Following the Template Instructions:

Abide by the instructions provided in the template while creating and saving your artwork. This ensures consistency and compatibility with the intended design.

Leveraging the Artwork Guide:

To assist you in the creative process, Bottled Goose has curated an artwork guide. This resource is packed with valuable tips and tricks to ensure your designs are crafted accurately.

    • The guide covers essential subjects such as image format selection and resolution, for example, the minimum resolution for images is 300dpi in order for the quality to be suitable for printing.
    • Provides insights into creating white and varnish layers for a polished finish.
    • Addresses common issues and offers valuable tips to overcome challenges in the design process.

Size Limitations:

The minimum length we can print is 15mm, while the largest length we can print is 220mm. The minimum diameter we can print is 25mm and maximum diameter is 114mm, or 120mm if the vessel is tapered, like our pint glasses.


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