How Custom Packaging Elevates Your Brand

As a business, you know how important packaging your product is. From simply keeping your product safe and contained, to being a space to share your brand message, custom branded packaging can elevate your business above your competitors. At Bottled Goose, we can print short-run packaging that is completely unique to you and your business.

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Short-Run vs Long-Run packaging?

In the past, business owners would prefer long-run packaging as it was considered more cost-effective. Due to the set-up costs, a run of above 10,000 units would be preferable as the cost per unit would be less due to overhead costs being divided up between more units. Small businesses would often not be able to afford or store custom packaging in such high quantities.

Now, with new technology and virtually no set-up costs, short-run packaging is a popular alternative for businesses of all sizes. Short-run packaging involves printing in much smaller quantities, often below 100 units, to meet the business’ exact needs.

Why choose short-run packaging?

There are many benefits of short-run packaging compared to long-run packaging.

  • Offers flexibility: As runs aren’t in the thousands, you can customise your packaging for each product SKU if needed. Maybe you have a range of candles and need individual packaging for each candle scent, or you stock bottles with different designs printed on them. Whatever the reason, the flexibility of short-run packaging means you can print bespoke packaging for individual products, different marketing campaigns or even special occasions. Red packaging for Valentine’s Day anyone? With short-run packaging, you can also order the exact number of units you need so you’re not left with excess packaging you no longer need. Once you run out, simply order more of the same or a brand new design.
  • Lower costs and risks: Short-run packaging is cheaper than long-run packaging. Sure, you may per less per unit with long-run packaging, but if you simply don’t need the high quantities, or want to test out some packaging ideas before committing to one in particular, then short-run is the way to go. You won’t be buying in bulk so you also won’t have to pay for additional storage for all the packaging! Also, should anything happen such as theft, damage, or errors in design, you won’t have spent large amounts on packaging that may not be useable.
  • Faster turnaround: Long-run packaging comes with longer lead times. Rather than ordering in bulk, where lead times may be anything from two weeks to months depending on where you order, short-run packaging can be turned around in a matter of days. Here at Bottled Goose, we offer turnaround times of 5 days or less. That means you can place last-minute orders for custom packaging (and product) safe in the knowledge that we’ll be able to fulfil your order efficiently!

Bottled Goose helps businesses create and order high-quality, bespoke printed products and short-run packaging. All our products are printed to order in our workshop in Surrey, UK. We offer short lead-times on low MOQs. Check out our stock products and examples of our packaging or contact us today for more information. 

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