Drinkware for Corporate Gifts

We know you’re aware of how important corporate gifting can be. If not, here’s why. Giving your employees and clients a gift can build brand loyalty, keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds and also just be an all around nice thing to do. Drinkware is the perfect gift and we’ve definitely got you covered on that front. While apparel is a popular choice for businesses, the stress of sizing can make it a total headache. Instead, a personalised water bottle or bespoke glass is one size fits all so it’s a no brainer. Plus, they’re things that everybody uses so they won’t be forgotten about in a desk drawer.

Water bottles

A custom water bottle is the obvious choice for both employees and a clients. Carrying a water bottle encourages you to drink more water and as dehydration can cause health issues, that’s no small thing. Bottled Goose stock both metal and plastic bottles so we have options for you to choose from, or if you’d prefer to use your own bottles, we can do that too! Water bottles are a great way to get eyes on your business and build brand awareness simply due to the number of times a water bottle will be seen in day-to-day life - from sitting on the desk in meetings to taking a swig on the train, your brand will be viewed many times a day. Employees will feel a part of the team and clients will remember your name - win win!

Print on Demand UK Printed Water Bottles
Print on Demand UK Engraved Bottles

Travel mugs

Similar to water bottles, travel mugs are a great way to keep your business in people’s minds. Personalise with your logo and a name to let an employee or customer know how valuable they are to you. Here at Bottled Goose, we stock travel mugs in stainless steel, white and black so you have a range of colours to choose from, one of which is sure to suit your design or concept. If you need a different colour (perhaps your brand colour), we’re also able to store and print on your own vessel.

Print on Demand UK Printed Thermos Tumblers
Print on Demand UK Printed Tumbler

Wine Glasses, Pint Glasses, Champagne Flutes and more

Our range of drinking glasses offer a fun alternative to the typical corporate gift of a coffee mug or notepad. For high-end clients, a set of printed or engraved Champagne flutes or wine glasses, perhaps with a bottle of something, will go down a treat. Alternatively, a pint glass or highball glass for water (or an after work beer) is a light-hearted gift for employees and clients alike.

Print on Demand UK Printed Highball Glasses

Bottles of Gin or Vodka

A bottle of something is always a good idea for a gift. This one’s more for clients than employees, although if you’re a particularly fun company it will definitely go down a treat - we print on shot glasses too so you could make it a complete set!

Print on Demand UK Printed Bottles
Print on Demand UK Printed Bottles

Bespoke Small-Run Packaging

To really amp up the luxury and brand recognition, our custom packaging can have a real impact and add another layer of personalisation to your corporate gifting experience. We can work with you to create packaging that fits your brand guidelines to a tee, and our printing capabilities mean there’s very little we can’t do - foil, spot varnish, cut-outs, and more make the possibilities truly endless. Bottled Goose helps businesses create and order high-quality, bespoke printed products and short-run packaging. All our products are printed to order in our workshop in Surrey, UK. We offer short lead-times on low MOQs. Check out our stock products and examples of our packaging or contact us today for more information.

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