Partner in Wine

A successful start-up during Covid, Partners in Wine had a unique idea and haven’t looked back, helping wine and cold drink enthusiasts all over the UK keeping their wine cool on the go. They approached us with their unique product, to fulfil their personalisation campaign.



To complete a customised trade order for 300 bottles with laser-engraved logos for corporate gifting and provided a print on demand drop-shipping service.


Due to our flexibility in production, we were able to complete a bespoke trade order and provide the drop-shipping service. The trade order involved customising 300 bottles with a laser engraved logo, to be used for corporate gifting.

Similarly, following a successful instagram promotion of personalised wine bottles and wine tumblers, Partner in Wine provided a list of names and fonts to be printed on her own vessels, which we store in our premises, by our production team. These were then packaged and shipped back to Partner and Wine to be dispatched by the client to her individual customers.

We have also built a custom personalisation module for their Shopify site, allowing their customers to make their product extra special by printing a name or initials.


"Working with the Bottled Goose team has been a dream. Nothing has been a chore, they're all super friendly, and they make sure the designs are perfect each and every time."
Lucy, Partner in Wine

partner in wine in printer

Printed bottle in printer

Selection of printer Partner in Wine tumblers and bottles

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